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If you don't know what zone you live in or if you live in another country
other than the U.S.A., just let me know. We'll work it out.
That won't keep you from being able to join this 'burb.


USDA Zone 1

USDA Zone 2

USDA Zone 3

USDA Zone 4

New Hampshire
-Lisa   Notes From Zone 4

USDA Zone 5

USDA Zone 6

New Jersey
- Lynn of
Central Jersey Gardening

USDA Zone 7a/7b

North Carolina

-Renee  GardenSide  

USDA Zone 8a/8b

USDA Zone 9

-Beth   garden geek girl

USDA Zone 10

-Rachel Their Green Song

USDA Zone 11


What's a Zone?
Not sure what Zone you garden in?
Follow this link to the USDA Cold Zone Map and find your location.
A zone measures how cold it gets in your area in the winter.

Since the USDA map only measures cold, they created a new standard map that tells you your Heat Zone.
This makes a big difference in many plants you may be trying to grow.
Some plants can deal with cold but can't stand too many hot days.
You can go here to find out what AHS Heat Zone you garden in.

There is also a Sunset Western Climate zone map available for those on the West Coast of the U.S.